Fanavasat Overview

The FanavaSAT Company  start the activity after receiving the (SAP) license from communications regulatory authority of the I.R Iran whit the purpose of providing and simplify the satellite connections. This company has the informatics ranking from High Council of Informatics, membership of global VSAT forum (GVF) and the Guild satellite communications service providers.

Whit the purpose of making an stable satellite connection and depending on the type of service requested by the costumers we using many different satellite communications technologies such as SCPC/DVB, SCPC/SCPC, DVB/S/S2 and … base on every international standards and technical & engineering principles that able us to procure the customer needs and also increases the Basket of services offered by the company.

For more security, significant savings in bandwidth consumption and reducing the time of installation of satellite communication services, dedicate HUB belong to FanavaSAT. Co   launched and now utilizes the latest technology in the world and is being exploited in the PAYAM Special Economic Zone.

Provide free counseling and support services, in particular by benefiting from the experience of expert partners distinguish one aspect of this company in the field of satellite communications. The professional experience in the design, implementation and operation of satellite communications projects at the national level and to use this experience to recognize the concerns of future projects can provide assurance to customers.